Terms & Conditions for Submission of an Illustration

You agree that you are submitting an illustration to the website sweet-tooth-fairy.com.
By submitting an illustration to sweet-tooth-fairy.com you confirm that the submitting of the illustration does not infringe upon any copyright belonging to a third party.
You also agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
You agree to permit sweet-tooth-fairy.com (‘the site’) to publish your submitted illustration on the site for viewing by visitors to the site.
You grant permission to the site to make use, in any way, of your submitted illustration to promote the interests of the site.
sweet-tooth-fairy.com agrees to place, in the terms of use of the site, a condition upon visitors to the site prohibiting them from infringing any copyright that may exist in the illustration.
The site further agrees to share, with contributors of submitted illustrations published by the site, a fair proportion of any revenues deriving from site operations.
The site reserves the right to alter these terms & conditions as necessary to protect the interests of the site and its contributors.
You have the right to withdraw your illustration at any time and the site agrees to unpublish your illustration as soon as is reasonably practical.
Following withdrawal of your illustration you agree to allow the site to continue using your illustration in order to fulfill any obligations concerning your illustration into which it may have entered.
Upon withdrawal any share of revenues accruing to you for use of the illustration on the site shall cease.
Notice of withdrawal will be effective upon acknowledgment of receipt by the site.
Breach of third party copyright should it occur:
You agree to release the site from all demands and claims which are made due to the infringement of any such third-party rights, as far as you are responsible for the breach of duty, and you also agree to reimburse the site for all defence costs and other damages resulting from any such action.

Updated: August 21 2010

It's virtually official!
May 10th is . . .

Sweet Tooth Fairy Day

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