Sweet Teaser Fairy

International Sweet Tooth Fairy Day Prize Contest

Your challenge here is to fathom what the STFairy is that's illustrated here.

It is a Good STFairy so it does abide by the rules - it is just three words, where the first and second words form a known expression, and the second and third words form a known expression, and all three words together make a credible expression.

And the wonderful picture below depicts that credible expression.

this STeaserFairy by Teresa Dowlatshahi

Teresa Dowlatshahi is the creator of the syndicated comic strip
"Frog Applause"

At the end of May I'll put all the correct answers into a hat - probably my Hawaiian Warrior's Helmet - and if your name comes out first you'll get a specially designed STFairy T-Shirt!

But if you get it wrong - worry not - what is considered to be the best alternative STFairy will also get a specially designed STFairy T-Shirt!

So, see what you think it is and rush down to the form towards the bottom of this page to send your answer in to me.

Entry is an STFreebie, btw.

Be great!

Graham H/B

Teresa's humour is awesome.

Get some today by going to Go Comics

I get her daily strip in my email inbox 'cause
I subscribed to her comic there.

Highly recommended.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Believe in the STFairies!

It's virtually official!
May 10th is . . .

Sweet Tooth Fairy Day

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Follow theSTFairy on Twitter

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