The False Teeth Fairies

This is the enchanted home where all those great STFairy pretenders, who can't quite follow the rules, live.

none of your business card

Freudian slipknot

shamrock my world
pony expresso coffee
aid & comfort station
. . . . . . . . thank you Betsy McKenzie

off-the-cuff link

moot point guard

red hot chili peppermints

dog days food


plaster of paris lip

blackberry and apple piphone

overlooking grave

rum raisin d'être

cockeyed optimist prime

marzipan pipes

à la lounge lizard

scarlet letter day

the brian jonestown massacre

false teeth fairies

hidden agenda bender

plug thugly sisters

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the sweet teaser fairy
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lost luggage labels
sweet tooth fairy
none of your business card


on vocabulogic


on echochamber at

transcontinental flight risk
wooden horse racing

will i am

false alarm clock

shoelace panties

fanny hill climb

unwelcome guest list

sitting pretty silly

ursa minor infringement

mushroom cloud nine

social life-saver

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Follow theSTFairy on Twitter

rocking horse racing

Happy Christmas pudding

zip code breaker

breath mint condition

baseball diamond anniversary

three-legged stool pigeon

heart attack dog

brass monkey business

none of your business card

Freudian slipknot

shamrock my world

paper jam tomorrow

duty free radicals

periodic table manners

tickled pink elephants

bees knees up

mistaken identity crisis

running water bottle

sleeping policeman's lot

get lost opportunity

virgin birth control

spotty dog show

human being silly

atomic number cruncher

32-bit bus fare

washing machine gun

heavenly body search

pop-up ad nauseum

magic carpet bombing

parking spot remover

poetic justice department

poker face cream

emotional baggage carousel

49th parallel parking

back-handed compliments slips

drag queen bee

poverty line dancing

world class warfare

silent film critic

lonely heart transplant

unrequited love handles

washing machine gun
olympic torch song
pony expresso coffee
fond memory foam
olympic torch song
overlooking grave
olympic torch song
tv dinner gown