What's a 'Sweet Tooth Fairy' then?


An 'STFairy' is a Figure Of Speech that came to me a while ago. I shared the idea with others on a wonderful word website where, with huge merriment, some online friends shared their STF inventions with each other. ______________________________________________________________________

Lexicographer Erin McKean writes, in a newspaper article,

"Have you ever met a sweet tooth fairy? A sweet tooth fairy isn't an especially congenial version of the mythical childhood creature, nor is it an epithet for the actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who plays a kind of muscular lunk of a tooth fairy in a new movie. It's a combination of two two-word phrases that, when overlapped, make a certain cockeyed sense . . ." Read more ______________________________________________________________________

You can make one up by finding three words where the first and second words form a known expression, and the second and third words form a known expression, and all three words together make a credible expression.

Like sweet tooth and tooth fairy make sweet tooth fairy.

Here are a few of my current favourites

nervous breakdown truck
magnetic personality disorder
periodic table manners
emotional baggage carousel
poker face cream
unrequited love handles
parking spot remover
magic carpet bombing
pop-up ad nauseam
victory lap dance

And then . . . in flew some very special STFairy types . . .

. . . like the 'Perfect STFairies' which, of course, are ones where all three words together also form a known expression. Like mint chocolate chip.

Here is also the home of all of those enchanting examples of STFairy that can't quite follow the rules. These are known as 'False Teeth Fairies'. Hah!

Then along came the 'Dead End ST Fairies'. With them the first and third words are the same word. An example of this is run dry run, and so, of course, dry run dry. Every one of these brings along its alter ego.

Lots of fun can be had STFairying following the classic rules and seeing how far it can be stretched. Here's one - to spare tire iron maiden flight test paper currency future shock treatment. These are known as 'STFairies with Braces and Scaffolding'.

Then we get to the 'Bottom Of The Garden' where we keep all of those compositions using more than one STFairy. There's even one to be sung to the tune of 'My Favourite Things'!

Now picture this . . . STFairy illustrations

Huge enjoyment is now being had by taking an STFairy and creating an illustration. 'Illustration’ is used here in its widest sense. Hence sweet tooth fairies may not only be illustrated by using pictures and drawings but also any other media suitable for publishing on a website. Illustrations may also be made using photo, film, video, doodle, poem, cartoon, limerick, maybe even a sweet tooth fairytale. Spoken word and written word. Mime and body language. 2D representation of a 3D object. Music and sound. And more.

The STFuture . . .

Keep checking back as more and more illustrations are being added. Along with lots more of these off-the-wall fairies, loads more content and functionality. You'll be able to enjoy lots of other people's inventions, comment on them, add your very own, submit your own illustrations, get the T-shirt, and much more.

Meanwhile maybe have some fun on some of these pages and . . . . .

Believe in the STFairies!

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And every one of them comes with an alter ego
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See how far an STFairy can fly
STFairy Rings
Revolutionary! Still circling but landing soon. Watch this airspace. Hah!
Bottom Of The Garden
Using more than one STFairy
Illustrated Sweet Tooth Fairies
Bringing a whole new dimension to the improbable world of the STFairies
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It's virtually official!
May 10th is . . .

Sweet Tooth Fairy Day

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